The Bridge that Connects Global Investors to Asia

As deal originators, we bring to investors investment opportunities that focus on long-term, stable returns, in areas related to infrastructure, such as toll-roads, renewable energy, sustainable development.

Backed by Strong Heritage
Our journey began in 2019 as a spin-off from a fiduciary group established in the early 2000s, managing the portfolio of family offices, private and corporate trusts of European and Asian principal investors.

In June 2020, we received our license to operate as an independent Registered Fund Management Company (RFMC) regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Depth and Breadth of Experience
We are a group of experienced investment bankers, corporate financiers, restructuring specialists, technical advisors and industry consultants, led by CEO Azrin Asmani and Executive Director Vicky Ti – our RFMC license-holders.

We are skilled in connecting capital to projects in Asia including those that have been overlooked by global investors due to many reasons, both quantifiable and non-quantifiable.

Our 3-Pronged Approach
To bridge global investors to Asia, we adopt a 3-pronged approach: (a) an integrated capital solutioning strategy; (b) consulting & advisory and principal investing that extracts, enhances and optimizes the value of the target asset; and (c) an exit strategy through global investors / IPO.



Navigating the world, in our view, is becoming far more complex and uncertain, intensified by the trade tension between the U.S. and China, the American protectionist agenda, and the Chinese making their global presence felt through their OBOR initiative. Information is democratised through social media and digitalisation. The world is divided and views are fragmented.

While Asia continues to be the destination of choice for investors, reflected by the growing FDI into the region, piloting a path can be tricky. Economies such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka are facing a conundrum – choose the wrong side, face the undesired consequences.

Our role is to decipher these regional nuances for our investors – what is the unspoken need, that subtle desire – to enable us to extract the risk-return premium for investing in Asia. We see ourselves as the bridge that connects global investors to Asia.


The bridge that connects global investors to asia:


CCP have incorporated two Variable Capital Companies:

  • ASL Series 1 Asia Impact Fund VCC – focuses on Clean Energy, Agribusiness, Landmark/Real Estate and other areas which promote sustainable growth in Asia.
  • ASL Series 2 Connectivity Fund VCC – focuses on infrastructure-related assets, including Ports, Airports, Toll Roads, Logistics, Warehousing and Supply Chain Management.


CCP Management

Azrin Asmani, CEO

Azrin, crossing 50, is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the banking industry, with DBS, HSBC and ANZ. His professional skills, honed over the last 22 years, covered areas from Risk & Control Governance to Investment Banking, structuring and syndicating capital market and investment products to global investors.

He has held multiple leadership roles, including managing a team of 25 treasury and investment advisors, constantly driving sales above the USD1B target and maintaining fee margin above the 1% spread.

From 2013-2018, Azrin was the deputy to DBS Group COO, with responsibilities related to strategic planning, risk & control governance, regulatory reporting and engagement.

Other leadership roles: Head of Investment Advisory at ANZ, Head of Wealth Management Advisory at HSBC, and Head of Investment Advisors at DBS. He began his banking career as a DBS product manager, developing multi-asset class structured notes, mutual funds, private equity investment funds, and syndicating equity and bond IPOs.

Azrin is also acknowledged as a grassroots activist, having served in one of the ruling party’s electoral wards since 2011 as a PAP Grassroots leader, and an eloquent public speaker, especially on topics related to capital markets and risk & control governance.

As well, he is known for his flair in writing, having spent the earlier part of his career as an award-winning financial writer, investment columnist / journalist in mass media, such as CNBC Asia Pacific and The Straits Times.

Azrin is the former classmate of one of the current Ministers in the Singapore Government and the nephew of one of the former Ministers in LKY’s cabinet.

Vicky Ti, Executive Director

Vicky is the Executive Director of CCP Global Partners. She has more than 10 years of experience in advising on corporate finance transactions, including fundraising, mergers and acquisitions and restructurings. She is technically skilled in constructing comprehensive financial models and carrying out analysis and valuations, including scenario analysis, cash flow sensitivity, assessment of balance sheet and capitalization.

She is very familiar with the toll road industry, having completed two acquisitions of and subsequent fundraising for toll road projects in the Philippines, the successful restructuring, refinancing and recapitalization of a Philippine toll road project and debt restructuring of an Indonesian infrastructure company.

From 2011-2018, she was a senior consultant at AB Capital Management, the advisory arm of a regional infrastructure group. From 2004-2010, she was at corporate finance boutique John Moore Associates.

Investment Advisory Committee

E. Park

Founder of Parallax Capital Management Pte Ltd., Mr. Park presently is the Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director at SGX-listed Gallant Venture Ltd. He is also on the board of 7 other companies. He has also spent more than 15 years as an investment banker with Credit Suisse First Boston in London, Chase Manhattan Asia Ltd in Hong Kong and Banque Paribas in Singapore. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Princeton University (U.S.A.) and an MBA from INSEAD (France).

R. Edwards

Mr. Edwards, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is the Managing Director of Kelso Capital Kft. He has been in the financial services industry for more than 20 years, having worked in the Compliance and Anti-Money laundering departments of Barclays Bank PLC and Citigroup. Prior to working for these international banks, he was Legal Counsel to a listed company in Singapore that focused on international property development and engineering. He also worked on corporate finance and debt restructuring projects for several large Indonesian corporations and financing initiatives for property acquisitions and development in Singapore, Indonesia, Laos and China. He implemented anti-money laundering and KYC programs in Citigroup following the enactment of the USA Patriot Act as well as various compliance program initiatives in Barclay’s European banking offices.

H. Klink

Mr. Klink, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, was the international tax partner at EY for 33 years. As a Dutch tax lawyer, he is used to coordinating the global planning and implementation of large investment structures, financial market transactions, acquisitions and reorganizations. He has been engaged as special international tax counsel for a number of strategic and training sessions with the Chinese SAT, Malaysia’s LOFSA and has represented Curacao in the renegotiation of its Treaty with the Netherlands. A specialist in structuring cross-border investments, pan-European tax planning, Asia–Europe cross border planning, international real estate and macro economics, Mr. Klink’s clients are large European and Asian MNC’s with global operations and large Private Equity, Sovereign Wealth, pension and other investment funds.

A. Larasati (Observer)

Ms. Larasati, based in Singapore, is the founder of an investment holding company, focused primarily in real estate, including office buildings, shops and houses, spanning Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines. Besides real estate investments, she is also engaged in advisory services in areas such as marketing and promotion for co-investments, project development related to property and realty, and assisting other investors in their assets and investments in Indonesia.

CCP Representatives @ Indonesia

Prima Aryoputro – Legal

With a Master of Law, Prima is well-versed in business and economic law in Indonesia. He spent several years in a DLA-Piper-associated firm before becoming the legal counsel of the AB Capital Group, focusing on toll road, transportation and land and property sectors.

Whitlam Luhur – Consultant, Strategic Relations

Whitlam is a businessman with a wide network of contacts in the government. He is the co-founder of LB Resources, an Indonesian company holding 9 coal concessions located in East Kalimantan and Papua. Whitlam is also the co-founder of LB Apps, a software consulting company, and LB Foods, a F&B company. He obtained his MBA from Boston University.

Raya Tambunan – Investor Relations & Administrative Services

Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from San Diego State University, Raya combines strong communication and administrative skills with her experience in various industries, including coal and toll road investments. She has been working with toll road companies since 2011 in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Victor Luhur – Consultant, Strategic Relations

Similar to his brother Whitlam, Victor is strong in lobbying and advocacy in Indonesia, with a good network of contacts. He is the co-founder of LB Resources, LB Apps and LB Foods. He holds an MBA from Boston University.

Alfian Noor – Technical & Financial

Alfian brings a wealth of experience in toll road management, fund management and private equity, spanning almost 30 years. He was President Director of a major toll road in Surabaya, Indonesia, and specialised in managing and restructuring assets for a private equity fund. He holds an MBA from the Asian Institute of Management, Philippines.

Ori Setianto – Legal

Ori has over 23 years of experience in legal, financial and management roles in both law firms and toll road companies. He holds a Master of Law from University of Indonesia and is well-connected in the local markets.

CCP Representatives @ EU

Tamas Galambos – Managing Director, SWOOSH CAPITAL KFT

Based in Budapest, Hungary, Mr Galambos is an experienced International Affairs Advisor with a demonstrated history of working in the government sector and in the management consulting industry, he is skilled in International Relations and Diplomacy, Public Affairs and Government Relations, Project Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Crisis Communications and Media Relations, NGO management, and Networking. He is a strong multilingual business development professional with a proven track record in both Central Europe and the Middle East.

Arno Mantel – Managing Director of EU Projects

Arno is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He specialises in international tax planning structures, acquisitions related to Dutch companies and managing and stimulating a group of people within a broader banking or financial environment.

Jan Catsburg – Managing Director of EU Projects

Jan is an experienced managing director with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. He is skilled in Managerial Finance, Accounting, Interim Management, Internal Controls, and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Cedric Kramer – Investor Relations & Administrative Services

Cedric is currently pursuing Commercial Economics at the University in the city of Leiden in the Netherlands. He brings the millennial perspective to the company. Cedric provides administrative support and investor relations.

Assurance Partners

CCP partners with experienced professionals in providing assurance related to governance, risk, legal and compliance.


Ingenia works with financial institutions and combines a wealth of experience in compliance, risk management, investments and internal audit with hands-on execution.


An international law firm focused on four highly regulated sectors, including Financial Institutions. Simmons is known for their partner-led, collaborative approach to addressing the full range of legal issues – including regulatory, contentious risk and employment law, as well as complex structured finance work and cross-border transactions.

Fund Administrators: CIRCLE PARTNERS

Circle Partners provide a comprehensive range of customised fund administration solutions to clients, taking care of all day-to-day middle and back-office functions.

Fund Administrators: VISTRA

Vistra is an experienced and efficient fund administrator, helping onboard investors and running the fund smoothly from set-up to exit, and every stage in between, on a global technology-enable platform with a bespoke, integrated, automated portal.

Audit and Tax: EY

EY is well-known globally for their expertise in audit and tax, navigating today’s complex requirements of cross-border tax landscapes as well as providing high-quality audits.


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